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Ladderstore Migration From Magento 2 To Shopify Plus
April 25, 2024

Established in 2004, Ladderstore offers a diverse selection of working at height solutions for both business and personal use. With over 15 years of industry experience, Ladderstore exclusively offers certified and approved products and are at the forefront of height safety. 

Ladderstore has worked with Casus Group for more than a decade. During this collaboration, Ladderstore has experienced substantial growth which is a “testament to the team and expertise offered through Casus’ services.” 

The Problem

Ladderstore has operated on the Magento 2 platform for the past few years, encountering some challenges with their current setup. Following advice from Casus, they decided to transition to Shopify Plus to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations.

The Solution 

Casus played a pivotal role in aiding Ladderstore’s migration from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus, ensuring the transition was as seamless as possible and providing an extensive solution for an improved online experience. Assisting with selecting optimal themes, conducting financial calculations, forecasts on potential cost savings and identifying new features that could be utilised. This ultimately encouraged Ladderstore to take the plunge and in October 2023, a move to Shopify Plus was made.

The Experience

The new build offered enhanced functionalities including product comparison and an excellent new mobile layout. With the team’s expertise, we ensured that the migration encompassed all core functions without any loss. With frequent meetings to discuss the current project, Ladderstore were given full visibility of their store and what stage the development was in. After merging all the data, conducting tests, and cross referencing, the website launched in February 2024.

After the website went live, the Casus team meticulously checked for any bugs and carefully reviewed the data to confirm that nothing was missing. As a result, the "early signs were excellent."

Current Status

Ladderstore has now been on their new website for 2 months, with early signs still going well. They have also seen an increase in page speeds, additional functionalities are being well utilised by customers and traffic and sales are consistent. 

In conclusion, the Shopify Plus migration has proved to be highly beneficial for Ladderstore, not only has their initial challenges been resolved, but they have also transitioned into a new era of digital excellence. With this they have also established a position for consistent online growth and success. 

“I’d like to thank everyone in the team for their efforts, due to our past relationship with them we knew we were in safe hands for the website merge but completing a large-scale project successfully in such a short period of time is an outstanding result!”

 - David Potter, Ladderstore

Members - NWCSG - North West Construction Safety Group
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