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Want an ecommerce site that seamlessly combines style and functionality? We specialise in enhancing your brand through designs full of personality and a user experience that's both intuitive and clean, all on Shopify Plus.

Exceptional Design and UX Services Are Inherent To Our Core

At B2 we design Shopify Plus sites that not only boast a more stylish appearance compared to competitors but also excel in conversion rates. The collaborative efforts between our in house design and optimisation teams result in the seamless representation of your brand, coupled with user-friendly navigation, impressive functionality, and optimal performance.

Our UI/UX Strategy

User Research

We employ qualitative and quantitative research to grasp user behaviours, aiming to understand needs and expectations. Through testing, we validate and refine our design solutions for a user-centric approach.

Information Architecture

We design a user-friendly website by organising menus, links, and navigation elements for intuitive access. We also create a visual hierarchy outlining the site's page and content structure.


We start the UI/UX process with low-fidelity wireframes to sketch the basic interface structure. We define key elements and layout, setting the foundation for detailed design development.

Brand Alignment

We always ensure that the UI/UX design aligns seamlessly with the overarching identity of your brand.

Analytics Integration

We integrate analytics tools into the design framework to monitor user behaviour which enables data-driven insights for continuous improvements.

Continuous Improvement

We prioritise continuous improvement by gathering user feedback, resolving issues, and staying updated on design and tech trends. This ensures your platform aligns with industry standards for an enhanced user experience.

User Personas

In our discovery sessions we develop user personas based on research findings, this helps to create a clear picture of target audiences.

Colour Theory

The use of colour is very emotive so we consider colour psychology with every project our creative team undertakes. Ensuring that the colours are harmonious, align with the brand and are compliant for all users.

Visual Hierarchy

We prioritise information and elements by their significance which in turn helps to guide users seamlessly through the interface. By spotlighting certain information it ensures a clear and efficient user experience.

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