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A successful Pay-Per-Click strategy is built upon a solid foundation. While PPC can deliver the fastest ROI of any marketing channel, it can also quickly skyrocket your ad spend without a solid data collection and management strategy, precise keyword selection, and a strategic approach that takes the nuances of B2B/D2C advertising into account. At B2, we specialise in crafting PPC campaigns that not only capture attention but also align seamlessly with the unique dynamics of B2B/D2C business goals. Our data-driven strategies ensure that every click serves as a valuable investment, driving meaningful engagements and conversions.

Our PPC Services

Google Ads PPC

At B2, we craft tailored Google Ads strategies, to ensure that your brand thrives, achieving impactful results for sustained success.

Data Collection & Automated Bidding Solutions

We embrace cutting-edge automated solutions to reach your target audiences when it matters most. Harnessing your 1st party data, we ensure that your campaigns achieve peak performance whilst maximising your return on investment.

Dynamic Remarketing

We implement advanced tagging solutions to help your business reach, re-engage and convert potential customers through dynamic, personalised ads.

Product Feed Optimisations

Our systematic refinement of your product feed ensures strategic visibility for maximum performance, allowing your products to stand out and capture the attention of your target audience effectively.

Lead Generation

Our targeted lead-gen campaigns and strategic approach ensure a steady influx of high-quality leads, maximising your potential for conversion and business growth.

Profit-Based Bidding

Transition away from optimising towards return on ad spend and move towards bidding on products that generate the most profit for your business.

Microsoft Ads

Our strategies capture the unique Microsoft Ads/Bing demographics, ensuring your brand has visibility and is prominent across most valuable available search engine real estate.

Shopping Campaigns

We harness your eCommerce data to build Shopping campaigns that convert. Our approach is creating a layered campaign structure that covers the most important areas of your feed, ensuring maximum visibility.

Ad Creative

We create compelling ad copy and ad assets for all available ad real-estate, ensuring that your best messaging is put in front of your most valuable audiences.

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