SEO Migration Services

Are you looking to upgrade your website to Shopify? We have years of experience in migrating sites from multiple platforms to Shopify. SEO migrations can be a complex task and the last thing you want is for a poorly executed site migration project to cost your company its hard-earned organic search rankings. From the discovery stage, through to the day of launch, our expert team ensures a smooth website transition.

Our SEO Migration Services

Moving websites and migrating to a new platform is very similar to moving house, there is a significant amount of moving parts, and if not done correctly, can have long-lasting negative effects. From content creation, URL redirects, technical specifications and sitewide tracking, we have a wealth of experience when completing an SEO migration. Time and time again we see websites which do not consider SEO in a migration take years to recover traffic and lost rankings. By investing in an expert SEO migration agency, you can rest assured that once you migrate, you will not only retain all that hard work but in the long term your website will thrive.

What Is Included In Our SEO Migration Process?

URL Redirects

When migrating your website to Shopify, we safeguard SEO value by meticulously scraping your current site, mapping each page to the new URL structure. Our comprehensive service includes crawling, mapping, importing, and testing redirects, ensuring a seamless transition without any loss of SEO benefits.

SEO Content Migration

We understand the importance of ensuring that all content is mapped to your new pages and URLs. As part of the initial site crawl, we take an export of all content site-wide and map this to your new URLs.

Performance Benchmarks

Like any migration, we want to ensure that any SEO value is carried over to your new Shopify platform. Before we press the go-live button, we take benchmarks of keyword rankings, session data, conversion metrics, site speed and backlinks.

GTM and GA4 Tracking Migration

As part of our SEO migration service, we will manage all your tracking needs. From setting up your new Google Tag Manager container, testing tags and setting up custom eCommerce tracking, we ensure that no data is lost as part of the migration.

Technical Specifications

We understand that sites will require customisation whether that be canonical tags, URL structure, XML Sitemaps, robots.txt files or faceted navigation. We will configure your website so it has the technical infrastructure to thrive within the SEO space.

Meta Data Migration

B2 understands the importance of metadata for SEO performance, we scrape your live website and export all metadata. We then import this data and map it to your new URL structure.

Page Speed

As part of the benchmark checks, we ensure that no page speed or UX is affected when you migrate to Shopify. With regular comms with the development team, we prioritise the Core Web Vitals to ensure all organic value is retained.

URL Structure

A well-structured URL is vital for SEO, enhancing search engine visibility and user experience. That is why we support you from start to finish when mapping out your new URL structure.

Google Search Console

Whether you are just upgrading platforms or moving to a completely new domain, we take care of everything Google Search Console-related. We set up your new profile and ensure that all redirects, sitemaps and robots.txt files are submitted into your account.

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