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Build brand awareness for your brand with a scalable and measurable Above The Line (ABTL) advertising strategy. As an agency, we’re experts in Programmatic Display, Video Advertising, Digital Audio and Digital Out Home (DOOH) media.

Leverage Your Shopify Programmatic Media Strategy With B2

At B2, we are experts in supporting businesses with their Shopify programmatic media strategy. We have a dedicated team of programmatic display experts to help you grow your brand awareness by building and managing a measurable and scalable programmatic media strategy.

Our Shopify Programmatic Media Strategy

Programmatic Display Advertising

We have access to our in-house demand-side platform DSP with seats on Google DV360 and GDN, plus trusted partners, ensuring cost-effective inventory for clients, targeting the right audience at the optimal time.

Dynamic & Static Retargeting

We build a granular remarketing strategy looking at creativity, recency, page type, and audience combined with frequency capping to re-engage existing customers and audiences, nurturing customers to the point of conversion.

Google Marketing Platform

We optimise campaigns using Google Marketing Platform, tracking full user journeys, de-duplicating conversions, and measuring third-party ad delivery. With seats on Campaign Manager 360 and Display and Video 360, we attribute performance accurately.

Native Advertising

We utilise a range of native advertising tools to deliver more engaging ad formats that reach new audiences.

Video Advertising

We’re experts in diverse video ads: YouTube, VOD, CTV. Specialising in pre/post/mid-roll formats on various devices. We have in-house tools for video ad buying and have a range of trusted video advertising partners.

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

To succeed in digital out-of-home, grasp your audience's alignment with placements. Merge footfall studies with DOOH for measurable advertising in traditional formats.

Digital Audio

We can help clients deliver their digital audio campaigns across a range of solutions including Soundcloud, Google Music, Spotify, Digital Radio stations and podcasts to reach new audiences with an engaging ad format.

Audience Data & Brand Safety

Digital media planning experts, we utilise first-party and third-party data, collaborating with data providers for precise user targeting. Our partnerships with top brand safety firms guarantee your ads appear in a secure environment.


We’ve got an in-house creative team who can build bespoke engaging ads to deliver the right message to your audience.

FAQs about Programmatic Display

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