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We implement strategic measurement frameworks to ensure you’re measuring moments that matter across your site and use UX & CRO to optimise user experience across your Shopify website. At B2 we’re experts in data science strategy and implementation.

Leverage Your Shopify Data Science Strategy With B2

Whether you’re looking for an Analytics agency that can set up Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager or a UX and CRO agency that can help with A/B testing across your site we have a range of solutions in our Data Science Team at B2 to help you track your marketing activity and optimise user journeys across your site.

Our Data Science Services

Google Tag Manager Audits & Implementation

Maximise Google Tag Manager's power with B2 experts. From Google Analytics to Ads, we start with an audit, ensuring flawless tag performance, precise data layer tuning, and optimised tags for peak speed.

Google Analytics 4 Setup

Experience the seamless transition to Google Analytics 4 with our dedicated support. We've guided numerous clients through Universal Analytics migrations and successfully implemented Google Analytics 4 on Shopify stores. From setting up standard metrics to crafting custom events that capture user behaviour, we will measure every aspect of your site effectively.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & UX

Our experts excel in A/B testing tools (VWO, Adobe Target, Optimizely). Post Google Optimise sunset, we perform CRO audits with qualitative & quantitative data. Our approach enables impactful, audience-resonating changes through multivariate testing.

Reporting Dashboards

Transform your data into actionable insights with our bespoke reporting dashboards such as Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) where we craft dynamic dashboards tailored to different stakeholders in your business.

Core Web Vitals Audits & Strategy

Boost your Shopify store with our expert Core Web Vitals audits. We optimise key metrics like Cumulative Layout Shift, Largest Contentful Paint and First Input Delay enhancing site speed and user experience. Trust us for strategic enhancements.

Server To Server (S2S) Implementation

Prepare for the end of third-party cookies. Develop a robust first-party cookie strategy using server-side and server-to-server implementations, including SGTM, to set up server-side Google Ads, Facebook CAPI, and Google Analytics 4.

Cookie Consent & Cookie Management Platforms

We’ve built our own Cookie Management Platform (CMP) for effortless privacy compliance on your Shopify store.

Data Warehousing & Big Query

Optimal data management is crucial for success in the digital era. Analysing patterns guides strategic decisions. Our customised storage solutions, with Big Query capabilities, empower your business.

Heatmapping, Behaviour Tracking & Event Tracking

Understanding user behaviour is key to measuring and optimising a user’s journey. We can support heat mapping, behaviour tracking and setting up event tracking to measure engagement.

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