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Collaborating with brands, we craft purposeful social strategies. Our team of experts focus on constructing a compelling online presence, tailoring content to resonate with your audience. We stay abreast of platform innovations, consistently adapting to what resonates. To achieve tangible results aligned with your objectives, our approach integrates the impactful use of paid and organic social media. This strategy not only nurtures brand awareness but actively engages users throughout their decision-making journey, ensuring a comprehensive and effective online presence.

Boost Your Shopify Success With Paid & Organic Social Advertising

Paid and organic social are highly effective strategies for enhancing brand visibility and engaging users throughout their decision-making journey, both prior to and during a purchase. Paid and organic social platforms offer extensive audience data and substantial reach, enabling the expansion of your brand awareness to new audiences and fostering engagement with existing customers. We support you in crafting a more daring strategy that conveys the perfect narrative, mirrors your brand values, and guides customers along their journey with you. Our team employs a data-driven methodology, allowing you to validate ROI and showcase marketing's influence on broader organisational sales and brand objectives.At B2, we proudly hold the status of Facebook Marketing Partners, and our team consists of Blueprint-certified specialists. Our approach involves developing innovative creative strategies grounded in data to generate incremental conversions for our clients.

Our Paid & Organic Social Checklist

Data-Driven Insights

With a strategy guided by insights, we pinpoint the ideal consumers on appropriate platforms and devices, communicating with them in a tone that resonates.

Smart Targeting

We analyse your customer profiles and craft lookalikes and retargeted audiences that not only resonate with your target demographic but also exhibit the potential to deliver a high ROI.

Social Shopping

In an era where the lines between online and offline shopping are becoming increasingly indistinct, our strategic approach goes beyond mere acknowledgement; it actively weaves together online discovery and offline conversion seamlessly.


Optimise your paid social campaign with impactful creativity using our A/B testing approach. We blend static and dynamic elements across ad formats for peak performance.

Automation & Bidding

We construct campaigns by leveraging automated functionalities on advertising platforms like Facebook, incorporating campaign budget optimisation for enhanced efficiency.

Paid Social Reporting

We receive valuable insights into your Paid Social performance through extensive reporting, enabling you to monitor performance and make informed decisions based on data.

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