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Discover how you can scale your brand to new heights with B2 from Internationalisation to bundling and custom apps. We are driven by driving our customers to reach new heights.

Scaling Is Big Topic, B2 Are Here To Guide You

Scaling internationally is one of the most exciting things for your brand and typically a bespoke go-to-market strategy - we’re here to guide you to success. Whether it’s global expansion or Multi-Channel Fulfilment we help you define optimal strategies for Scaling your brand, break the journey down into manageable tasks and deliver them.

Our Scaling Checklist

Raising AOV

Raising AOV is an obvious one but you’d be surprised how easily this can be achieved with the correct implementation. Bundles, Upsells, post-customer flows and more can be optimised to help your brands reach new sales successes.


As your brand scales internationally, Shopify Plus provides tools for managing multiple currencies, languages, and tax regulations. This simplification in processes helps your business reach new regions.

Utilising Digital PR & Marketing

At B2 we have access to a whole team of experts in Digital PR & Marketing. Reaching new audiences is successful provided you’re perceived by them to their linking. Digital PR and marketing help drive this


Around 73% of people prefer to shop in their native language. We help brands ensure their UI/UX is fit for other languages and that the customer journey is seamless for shopping in other languages

Linking to ERPs

As your brand scales ERP systems may be required to store data outside of ecommerce. We help ensure Shopify clients can connect directly with their ERP systems and ensure stock, customer data, orders and more are captured.

Multi-Channel Selling (3PLs and Amazon)

Multi-channel selling is a key characteristic of a scaling brand. We help brands sell across multiple channels seamlessly with Shopify, including social media, Amazon, Multiple 3PLs, online marketplaces, and offline retail.

FAQs about Scaling

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