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Improve user experience and increase conversion rate across your Shopify store with a methodical approach to conversion rate optimisation using a combination of best-in-class design with a test-everything approach to maximise moments that matter.

Leverage Your Shopify CRO Strategy With B2

At B2 We’re experts in Shopify Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) we have a measured approach which includes utilising a combination of qualitative and quantitative data. We start all CRO projects by implementing a measurement strategy to ensure we’re understanding on-site behaviour and benchmark performance. We then review the data alongside qualitative best practice UX to understand potential pain points in your Shopify store to set out a CRO roadmap to implement a split testing strategy to maximise conversion rate.

Our Conversion Rate Optimisation Strategy


It’s important before undertaking any CRO activity that we benchmark performance to understand what your current performance is to ensure we’re evolving our strategy and meeting your objectives.


We implement event tracking and heat mapping to understand the pain points across your Shopify store, and measure the effectiveness of our testing approach.


We audit your site to understand pages and parts of your site that users are dropping out of, focusing on exit pages, low engagement points and opportunities to optimise performance.


Once we have a set of potential actions, we create a testing roadmap which looks to maximise opportunity and create a fair testing strategy.


We implement A/B tests and multivariate tests against a control variant to understand the impact of changes against your current site.


We deliver detailed reports on CRO test results, suggesting actions and next steps. We report mid-campaign and post-test, using a roadmap to assess individual test effectiveness and overall site impact.

Tool Agnostic

At B2 we’re tool agnostic. We have a partnership with several industry leaders in CRO tools but ensure we’re recommending the best CRO tool for your individual needs.


We look to use heatmapping tools to understand pain points on specific pages to try and highlight areas we need to improve.

Event Tracking

Before starting any split test we always look to implement event tracking to understand user behaviour and measure the success of any tests.

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