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Nurture relationships with existing customers and engage with new prospects through the power of email marketing. At B2 we're experts in integrating Shopify email marketing campaigns.

Leverage Your Shopify Email Marketing Strategy With B2

At B2 we’re experts in supporting clients with their Shopify email marketing strategy. We have a dedicated team of email marketing experts who can help you nurture existing customers and engage with new potential prospects to drive key business objectives. We have experience in managing email marketing campaigns across a range of B2B and B2C Shopify businesses.

Our Shopify Email Marketing Strategy

Solus Email Campaigns

Success in email marketing hinges on a solid content strategy for engaging your database. Utilise Solus email campaigns, bolstered by effective A/B testing and list segmentation for optimal performance.

App Integrations

Our extensive experience of working with multiple email platforms including native Shopify email management, Dot Digital, Mail Chimp and Klaviyo means we can help brands integrate their email service provider with Shopify.

Automated Journeys

Depending on the email platform you’ve partnered with we can work with you to build out bespoke automated flows or journeys which allow you to segment specific user journeys and re-engage with people at the right time with the right message.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Many email platforms have lots of additional features which allow you to use this as a full customer data platform (CDP). This allows you to understand a user’s touchpoints with your website and their engagement with your brand.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a powerful way of cutting through the noise and reaching users with a highly engaging ad format using your customer's data to serve a tailored message.

Sign Up Forms

You can use on-site pop ups to collect customer data and personalise your email marketing strategy and encourage positive on-site engagement.


Email can be a key strategy to increasing positive reviews from existing customers to build trust and loyalty with your brand.

Campaign Templates

We have an expert in-house design team who can help you with building assets that ensure your creative is compelling and work with you to build an A/B testing strategy to maximise engagement and conversion rates.

List Segmentation

The key to a successful email campaign is a strong strategy around list segmentation to make sure your emails are personalised, engaging and relevant to each user.

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