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Drive incremental traffic and revenue to your Shopify site with a diverse affiliate marketing strategy where you can drive additional revenue on a pay per results model.

Leverage Your Shopify Affiliate Marketing Strategy With B2

At B2 we’re experts in affiliate marketing. We have a network agnostic approach to affiliates and support our brands on driving incremental sales on a pay per results model where we can ensure you’re driving value. We have a relationship with major affiliate networks such as AWIN and CJ along with smaller networks. We look to build a strategy which diversifies your affiliate partnerships focusing beyond offer based affiliates.

Our Shopify Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Network Agnostic

We have access to a range of affiliate networks including major networks such as AWIN & CJ and can advise our clients on the most cost effective and measurable network for them ensuring that we combine scale with a cost effective approach.


Using attribution modelling we can look to ensure that we’re paying affiliates that are driving incremental revenue to balance maintaining partner relationships with cost.


The key to a successful incremental affiliate campaign is to focus beyond bottle of the funnel affiliates and diversify to include a range of affiliates including content, loyalty and employee benefit partnerships.

Brand Safety

Ensuring that your brand is served in a brand safe environment is key for all of our affiliate campaigns. We have thorough programme terms and conditions and manually review affiliates to ensure your brand is portrayed in the best light.


A thorough validation process is key to ensure you’re only paying out on conversions which are driving value for the business within your programme terms.


We have a transparent approach to reporting to ensure we’re measuring all affiliates across the programme and make sure we can measure results.

Granular Commission Rates

We look to review individual product and category commission rates to ensure you’re maximising your ROI.


We regularly communicate the latest voucher codes, offers and product updates via newsletters and communication to affiliates to nurture relationships with key affiliate partners.


We can build bespoke dashboards and reports to ensure you’re measuring key success indicators to report on campaign performance.

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