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Unleashing the Power of Shopify Plus: 5 Key Advantages Over Basic Shopify
January 25, 2024

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of your online business. Shopify Plus, the most premium plan offered by Shopify, stands out as a powerhouse solution with distinct advantages over the basic Shopify package. Let's explore the five key differences that make Shopify Plus a game-changer for ambitious merchants.

1. Seamless International Expansion 🌍

One of the primary challenges for e-commerce businesses is expanding globally. Shopify Plus simplifies this process, making international growth more accessible than ever. The platform allows merchants to effortlessly copy themes to expansion stores, streamlining the process of reaching customers worldwide. This seamless international expansion capability gives Shopify Plus users a significant edge in the competitive global market.

2. Lower Transaction Fees 📉

Financial considerations play a pivotal role in choosing an e-commerce platform. Shopify Plus offers a compelling advantage by providing reduced transaction fees compared to other Shopify plans. While the exact rates vary based on locations and transaction services used, Shopify Plus consistently delivers cost savings, especially when compared to the Shopify 'Advanced' plan. This allows businesses to maximize their profits and reinvest in growth initiatives.

3. Access to Checkout Code 👨‍💻

For businesses seeking a higher level of customisation and control, Shopify Plus grants developers access to the checkout code. This opens up a world of possibilities for implementing enhanced tracking and improving the overall customer experience. Merchants can leverage this feature to implement conversion tracking, integrate custom shipping rates and methods, and create unique bundles that resonate with their target audience. The ability to fine-tune the checkout process sets Shopify Plus apart as a platform for businesses with specific and evolving needs.

4. Teamwork and Staff Accounts 🤝

Collaboration is key in any successful business, and Shopify Plus recognises this by offering robust teamwork and staff account features. Merchants can grant staff access to specific areas of their store, such as orders, inventory, and content, with varying levels of permission. This ensures a secure and efficient workflow, allowing teams to focus on their respective responsibilities. The flexibility of staff account management enhances productivity and supports the growth of the business.

5. Server Cost-savings 💰

Scaling businesses require reliable and cost-effective server solutions. Shopify Plus addresses this need by offering dedicated server hosting that is notably more cost-effective than alternatives like Magento Enterprise or Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Traditional enterprise solution servers can come with a hefty price tag, often around £18,000 per year. Shopify Plus not only provides a more budget-friendly option but also delivers a comprehensive package of benefits that extend beyond server capabilities.

In conclusion, Shopify Plus emerges as a superior choice for ambitious e-commerce businesses, offering a comprehensive set of features that go beyond the capabilities of basic Shopify plans. As the e-commerce landscape evolves, Shopify Plus continues to innovate, ensuring that merchants stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on new opportunities for growth. With its seamless international expansion, lower transaction fees, access to checkout code, teamwork features, and server cost-savings, Shopify Plus stands as a strategic investment for businesses aiming to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

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