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Unlocking the power of Semantic Search on Shopify
June 24, 2024

Shopify introduced an exciting feature in their Winter editions to enhance the functionality of their Search & Discovery App. This feature, known as Semantic Search, leverages AI technology to deliver improved search capabilities for Shopify Plus merchants. 

What is Semantic Search?

Semantic Search involves analysing the meaning of language or logic to provide more accurate search results. Unlike the previous method that relied on specific search terms within product information, Semantic Search utilises variations of the search term along with imagery to generate results.


For example, a search for "Autumn clothing" would associate "autumn" with seasonal colours and "clothing" with various apparel items like dresses, t-shirts, skirts, and jumpers. 

This combination of terms offers customers enriched search results, making it easier for them to discover the products they desire in your store. While Semantic Search aligns with the search approach used by major e-commerce platforms like Google, Klevu, and Algolia, it distinguishes itself by being a cost-effective solution compared to these alternatives.

How to access it

Go to Apps > Search & Discovery > Settings > Semantic Search


Restrictions include the feature being exclusive to Shopify Plus Storefront, with the additional condition that the storefront must be in English and the merchant must have fewer than 200,000 products.

If you are using Shopify Plus, and are looking to minimise expenses on search functionalities while managing a product inventory of less than 200,000 items, the Search & Discovery + semantic feature presents a highly beneficial option.

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