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Enhancing E-commerce Success with a Well-Optimised Mini-Cart
June 18, 2024

The mini-cart serves as the crucial final stage before reaching the checkout in the e-commerce journey. While its primary function is to display the items a customer intends to purchase, when optimised effectively, it can also contribute to increasing the Average Order Value (AOV). Here are four key tips to ensure a successful mini-cart experience:


Incorporate a designated area for upsells within the mini-cart. Offering around two upsell options provides customers with choice without overwhelming them with too many alternatives, which could potentially lead to no decision at all.

Free Shipping Threshold

Capitalise on the universal appeal of free shipping by prominently displaying your free shipping threshold. Implementing a gamified element, such as a progress bar indicating how close customers are to qualifying for free shipping, can incentivise them to add more items to their cart, thereby boosting your AOV.

Clear Checkout Button

Facilitate a seamless transition to the checkout process by ensuring that the checkout button is prominently displayed and easily identifiable within the mini-cart. Including the price on the checkout button can also help conserve vertical space on the screen, enhancing user experience.

Quantity/Remove Options

Simplify the process of adding or removing items from the mini-cart to prevent customer frustration. Easy-to-use quantity adjustment and item removal functionalities are essential for a smooth shopping experience, as frustrated users are more likely to abandon their carts hastily.

By implementing these tips and optimising your mini-cart effectively, you can enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers, increase conversion rates, and ultimately drive higher revenue for your e-commerce business.

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