Mud Stuff: Shopify Build Resulting in 28.47% Increase in Conversion Rate
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Founded by lifelong Land Rover enthusiast Kev Baldwin, MUD-UK originated from a vision to address common challenges in Land Rovers, resulting in the creation of innovative products like the widely recognized MUD Rails. Co-founder Stuart Baldwin, with over 25 years of experience in successfully running a Land Rover & 4x4 repair business, contributes to the company's diverse project portfolio, showcasing MUD-UK's expertise and commitment to excellence.

The Brief

Mud Stuff, a distinguished brand fueled by a commitment to elevate Land Rover experiences, embarked on a transformative collaboration for the development of a new Shopify website. With a legacy deeply rooted in addressing practical challenges encountered by Land Rover enthusiasts, Mud Stuff envisioned a digital platform that seamlessly aligned with their dedication to innovation and product excellence. The case study delves into the collaborative journey that unfolded, showcasing the evolution of Mud Stuff's online presence through user-centric design, enhanced functionality, and a streamlined shopping experience. The objective was to craft a Shopify website that not only displayed Mud Stuff's diverse product range but also reflected their unwavering commitment to providing top-notch solutions for Land Rover enthusiasts globally.

The Solution

In response to Mud Stuff's quest for a revamped digital presence, B2 delivered a comprehensive solution by crafting a bespoke Shopify website. Leveraging the robust capabilities of the platform, the new website seamlessly merged innovation with functionality, embodying Mud Stuff's commitment to enhancing the Land Rover enthusiast experience. The solution encompassed user-centric design principles, ensuring an intuitive and engaging online journey for customers. Advanced e-commerce features were implemented to streamline the shopping experience, showcasing Mud Stuff's diverse product range while underscoring their dedication to excellence. The result is a visually compelling and efficiently functional Shopify website that not only meets but exceeds Mud Stuff's aspirations, positioning them as a premier destination for Land Rover enthusiasts.


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in AOV


Decrease in Bounce Rate

The Results

The statistics attest to the success of the collaboration, with a remarkable 42.4% increase in the conversion rate indicating a heightened effectiveness in turning visitors into customers. Additionally, there has been a substantial 24.1% increase in the Average Order Value (AOV), reflecting a positive impact on Mud Stuff's revenue per transaction. The 5.3% increase in average session duration highlights the enhanced user engagement facilitated by the revamped website.

In conclusion, the collaborative effort between Mud Stuff and B2 has not only met the set objectives but has exceeded expectations, positioning Mud Stuff as a premier online destination for Land Rover enthusiasts. The significant improvements in conversion rate, AOV, and session duration underscore the success of the project and the positive impact on Mud Stuff's digital presence and customer experience.

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