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Slim's Detailing, where "it's all about the details" Supply quality detailing & valeting products from over 40 brands. Slim’s Detailing is an eCommerce arm of Morelli with a passion for selling high-end car cleaning products which are sourced from some of the world's best-known manufacturers of car cleaning excellence. Slim’s Detailing has been born out of a business idea first started in the early 1950’s. Slim’s interest in cars began as a Salesman for Harold Radford Coachbuilders in the early 1950’s and he attended Earls Court Motor Show alongside the Bentley Countryman.

The Brief

Slim's Detailing engaged with B2 to initiate a migration from their existing Magento store to Shopify Plus. In their pursuit of a website overhaul, they sought the expertise of an agency capable of guiding them through the reconstruction process. Their vision extended beyond a mere revamp; they were in search of a flexible and budget-friendly solution that would elevate the visual appeal of their online presence. Furthermore, Slim's Detailing emphasised the importance of seamless integration with their ERP system. This integration was viewed as a critical component to enhance overall operational efficiency and ensure a streamlined experience for both the business and its customers. The client's desire was not just a new website but a comprehensive digital solution that aligned with their business goals and provided a solid foundation for future growth.

The Solution

B2 successfully executed Slim's Detailings vision by meticulously crafting a Shopify Plus site that seamlessly integrated with their ERP system, fostering heightened operational efficiency. Beyond the technical integration, B2's expertise extended to the realm of design, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. Through strategic app integrations, the site was fortified with additional functionalities to enhance the overall user experience. The migration process included meticulous SEO migration to preserve and enhance the online visibility that Slim's Detailing had already established. In parallel, B2 prioritised conversion rate optimisation, implementing strategies to maximise the website's effectiveness in converting visitors into customers. The result was a holistic digital solution that not only met but exceeded Slim's Detailings expectations, providing a robust foundation for their online presence and future growth.


Increase in Revenue


Increase in AOV


Increase in Pages Per Session

The Results

The tangible outcomes of this collaboration are reflected in the statistics: a noteworthy 13.8% increase in revenue, a substantial 12.2% increase in Average Order Value, and a remarkable 80% increase in pages per session. These results not only validate the success of the migration but also underscore the comprehensive impact on Slim's Detailing's bottom line and user engagement.

In conclusion, the partnership with B2 not only delivered on the initial brief but propelled Slim's Detailing into a new phase of digital excellence. The robust foundation laid by this collaboration positions Slim's Detailing for sustained online growth and success.

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