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Bespoke Click & Collect Solution and Shopify Plus Support

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VPZ, founded in 2012, emerged from the personal quest of owners seeking an alternative to smoking. The first store in Leith, Edinburgh, marked the beginning of a mission to facilitate the community's transition to vaping. Over 11 years, VPZ has grown into a family-run business with 150+ nationwide stores, recognised for rapid growth in the industry. Committed to aiding smokers in making the switch, VPZ prioritises customer service, a diverse product range, and accessibility. Aligned with Public Health England's findings, VPZ champions vaping as a highly effective tool for smoking cessation. With a goal to be on every high street, VPZ looks beyond business success to foster a supportive vaping community through events and proprietary e-liquids. Join VPZ in their journey toward a smoke-free future.

The Brief

VPZ enlisted B2 to spearhead the development of a new website with a specialised click-and-collect solution. With a core mission of aiding smokers in transitioning to vaping and supporting existing vapers, VPZ sought B2's expertise to align their online platform with values such as outstanding customer service, an extensive product range, cutting-edge technology, and local accessibility through their nationwide stores. The focus of this collaboration was on the implementation of a custom click-and-collect feature, enhancing the online-to-store experience. VPZ's goal was to leverage B2's capabilities to create a user-friendly digital space that seamlessly complemented their commitment to customer support on the journey toward a smoke-free lifestyle.

The Solution

In response to VPZ's vision of an enhanced digital platform, B2 delivered a robust solution by crafting a Shopify Plus site with a custom click-and-collect feature. Beyond the seamless integration of this bespoke solution, B2 implemented additional enhancements, such as 'Recently Viewed,' 'Frequently Bought Together,' and 'You May Also Like These' sections on product pages to drive supplementary sales. The website not only aligned with VPZ's commitment to outstanding customer service, a diverse product range, and technological innovation but also addressed their mission of aiding smokers in transitioning to vaping. Notably, the solution prioritised an efficient user experience, ensuring easy access to Click & Collect information and fostering a positive journey throughout the entire purchase process. B2's comprehensive approach not only met VPZ's goals but also elevated their online presence, reinforcing their commitment to supporting customers on their path to a smoke-free lifestyle.


Increase in AOV in 3 months


Increase in AOV in 12 months


Drop in Bounce Rate

The Results

B2's comprehensive approach not only met but exceeded VPZ's goals, resulting in a substantial increase in Average Order Value, a reduced Bounce Rate, and increased user engagement. The above statistics reflect the successful implementation of the custom click-and-collect solution and additional enhancements, reinforcing VPZ's commitment to supporting their customers on the path to a smoke-free lifestyle. The collaboration not only met technical requirements but also contributed significantly to the overall success and growth of VPZ's online presence.

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