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Guide to Locating and Generating a Collaborator Request Code
June 18, 2024

What are Collaborators?

Collaborators in Shopify are Partners who have access to your store, similar to staff members but with additional benefits. They can log in from their Partner Dashboard and their access can be managed from your store admin. Collaborators do not count towards your store's staff limit.

What is a Collaborator Request Code?

A Collaborator Request Code in Shopify is a secure access code that allows third-parties like developers or consultants to access and modify your store. This code ensures a secure and controlled way for external collaborators to help manage and customise your store.

Collaborator Permissions

Only the store owner or staff with permission to manage collaborator requests can view and approve collaborator access requests. When a Shopify Partner requests access to your store, you will receive an email notification and a notification on your Shopify Home. 

You can also require Shopify Partners to enter a collaborator request code when submitting a request, giving you more control over the requests you receive. With the code requirement, only Partners with the code can request access to your store.

Here are the 3 steps on navigating and generating a Collaborator request code:

  1.  Access Shopify admin

  1.  From Shopify settings navigate to collaborators 

Select users and permissions and then in that section, locate and click on Collaborators. 

  1. Find or Generate Code

In the Collaborators section, you will be able to find the collaborator access code. If you don't find an existing code, click on Generate new code.

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