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TJ Hughes, a retail community dedicated to providing worldwide designer brands and quality products at discounted prices, has undergone a decade-long transformation, emphasising unwavering commitment to both customers and employees. With a strong online presence and traditional high street stores, TJ Hughes covers a diverse range of departments, including Homeware, Fashion, Seasonal, and Beauty. The team diligently sources essentials and innovative products year-round, ensuring an extensive selection of affordable goods that meet customer needs. Boasting an impressive portfolio of brands like Morphy Richards and Nike, TJ Hughes collaborates with major online channels such as Amazon and eBay. Committed to customer satisfaction, TJ Hughes promises top-quality products at the best competitive prices, offering savings of up to 80% off RRP. 

The Brief

TJ Hughes, a leading retail entity renowned for discounted designer brands and quality products, engaged an agency to facilitate the transition from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus. This strategic move was motivated by the pursuit of greater flexibility and enhanced capabilities across diverse retail departments, encompassing Homeware, Fashion, Seasonal, and Beauty. The agency played a pivotal role in orchestrating a seamless migration, effectively leveraging the robust features of Shopify Plus to deliver an improved online shopping experience. TJ Hughes successfully realised their vision of a dynamic and adaptable e-commerce platform that not only aligned with their commitment to customer satisfaction, top-quality products, and unbeatable prices but also catapulted them into a new era of digital retail excellence.

The Solution

B2 played a transformative role in facilitating TJ Hughes' migration from Visualsoft to Shopify Plus, providing a comprehensive solution for an enhanced online retail experience. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Shopify Plus, B2 meticulously crafted a dynamic and flexible e-commerce platform, allowing TJ Hughes to diversify and showcase its wide range of products seamlessly, spanning across Homeware, Fashion, Seasonal, and Beauty departments. The agency executed a meticulous migration plan, ensuring a smooth transition and maximising the potential of Shopify Plus. With a focus on user-friendly navigation and advanced features, the new website not only aligned with TJ Hughes' commitment to customer satisfaction, quality products, and unbeatable prices but also provided the desired flexibility for future growth. B2's expertise and strategic implementation empowered TJ Hughes to embrace a new era of digital retail, fostering greater agility and ensuring an enriched online shopping experience for their customers.


Increase in Revenue


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increased AOV

The Results

  1. Conversion Boost: TJ Hughes experienced an extraordinary 74.7% increase in conversion rates, underscoring the effectiveness of the new approach in engaging and converting online visitors.
  2. Revenue Surge: The re-platforming effort led to a remarkable 107% increase in revenue within the first month, highlighting the immediate and substantial impact on the company's financial performance.
  3. Average Order Value (AOV) Uplift: TJ Hughes witnessed a significant 7.5% increase in Average Order Value, indicating not only an increase in sales but also a higher value per transaction.

The transition to Shopify Plus marked a turning point for TJ Hughes, not only in achieving impressive revenue growth but also in optimising operational efficiency. The newfound ability to automate tasks, customise the website, and harness complimentary tools empowered TJ Hughes to stay competitive in the retail industry. This success story showcases the tangible benefits of embracing innovative solutions, ultimately resulting in increased revenue, improved customer engagement, and a more cost-effective operational model.

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